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Remington Rand Building

Remington Rand Building

North Tonawanda, NY

Located on the Erie Canal this mixed use project is the site of the old Remington Rand factory in North Tonawanda, NY. Our proposal is to significantly renovate this under-utilized classic industrial building into a multi-use model of modern living.

The existing concrete frame structure will be refinished and the infill panels will be replaced with insulated tempered glass to provide excellent views on all facades.

The top three floors have 51 large open loft-style apartments with modern appliances and adequate work area for in-home offices. All residents have access to an extensive roof garden with planted areas that have large trees and communal pavilions.

The ground floor has indoor parking for each of the apartments, and engages nature and the public with a new glass entrance atrium, a health club, a restaurant, and the new home of the National Antique Boat Museum. The frontage along the Erie Canal is being developed into a marina and public park that will tie into the adjacent water-based features of the area.