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Buffalo Legacy Nevilly Park Renaissance

Nevilly Park Renaissance

Buffalo, NY

In Buffalo, a group of committed citizens has come together to help, in the form of the Buffalo Legacy Group, to help build a community facility. The youth of today face profound dangers daily which cause alienation, a lack of hope and miss-directed energies. An independent B.O.A. master plan study of South Buffalo indicated a new athletic community facility should be a top priority. Youth athletics are very important to the development of sound minds and healthy bodies – fostering the further development of team work skills, personal respect, self-discipline, and exercise. Beyond athletics, our mission in the Buffalo Legacy Project is to positively influence the community and create opportunities for youth to enrich their education – improving upon computer skills, and literacy, as well as being exposed to multiple arts – expanding our agenda to incorporate a school, library and an athletic facility. Through the integration of these said programs, a dynamic synergy is provided for the community. Though individuals may never achieve elite athletic status, the residual benefits help to make significant improvements to most people’s lives. The site design provides for major open green space, including bio-retention areas for storm water drainage. Also included in the plan is a green roof to further reduce the effects of the buildings footprint upon the environment.