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Venus International Hotel

Wedding vintage Vegas style to 21st Century technology, this new four hundred room hotel boldly exports the American sense of drama into the heart of downtown Beijing.

Evoking the glamour of America’s rat pack era, the design sought to reawaken the patina of the great Las Vegas hotel tradition. Remembering the likes of `The Sahara’, `the `Dunes’, and `The Riviera’, quintessential Vegas stylings are brought to mind through details such as Venus Statues at the port cochere, generously outspread room wings, and a truly `over the top’ water feature in the main plaza.

Supported by five below grade parking levels, hotel amenities include a dazzling 150 foot atrium, at grade retail, second floor conference spaces, and luxury suites which open onto a rooftop garden. Crowned by a 360 degree sky view restaurant, the ever maturing skyline of Beijing is thrust to center stage.