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249 North Street

249 North Street

Buffalo, NY

This three story wood frame Victorian was built in 1864. The original existing wood interior  details in cherry on the first floor, living room,  dining room, library, and central stair have remained in excellent condition without being damaged.

Our client wanted to divide this house into several separate apartments while retaining the flavor and ambiance of the original character. By installing entirely new mechanical systems and upgrading all the life safety qualities including a comprehensive sprinkler system, fire alarm system and new emergency lighting, we have provided all of the current technical advancements while preserving the original scale and room configuration.

Further improvements include a new handicapped ramp on the north side of the building, as well as a new parking lot. With extensive plantings and adequate drainage, the lot provides residents with safe and secure parking for their vehicles.

The new apartments have retained all the original windows, doors, and wood moldings. Each kitchen and bathroom has been restored with new cabinets, counter tops, and appliances.

The exterior restoration has been integrated to stabilize the roof, porch, and stone wall table.

All Images courtesy of Mike Puma-Views of Buffalo.