Bisantz-Titus Library

Orchestrating a truly rich contextual character (including a Frank Lloyd Wright design directly across the street), this home addition adds a library with hearth, and rear garden terrace.

Commissioned by a husband and wife – both professors at a local University – the interior strove to play a poignant and intimate setting for reading off against spatial grandeur. Using a strong seating arrangement around a projecting hearth, offering unobstructed views to both the driveway and rear garden, a cloistered yet inspirational setting is laid for bookish pursuits.

On the exterior, the homes stucco character is playfully woven with that of the neighboring Wright design, then driven – in the same adventurous gesture as the hearth – outward into the rear yard. Passing through two masonry piers reminiscent of those at the existing home entry, this library’s vista falls across the small flower bed.