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The Fenton Village

The Fenton Village Development – 1524 Main, 1526 Main, 945 West Ferry

The Fenton Hotel was built in 1900 to accommodate guests attending the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY.   The four story building original had five first  floor retail spaces with a hotel lobby and 36 hotel units on the three stories above accessed from individual stairwells. The first floor retail spaces that once existed were converted to apartments and will remain this way. Many of the building elements are still intact, from original decorative fireplaces to hardwood floors which are being salvaged, to “The Fenton” Mosaics and motif’s at each stairwell.
From years of neglect, the building was gutted to it’s masonry frame and rebuilt with modern utilities and amenities while incorporating the historic building features.   The Fenton Village is a Community Redevelopment Project by Sinatra and Company Realty  undergoing a complete renovation of 23 – 1,180 square foot, two bedroom loft style apartment unit with an on site communal lounge/ laundry facility and gated tenant parking behind the building.

Phase II of the Fenton Village, located at 1526 Main Street will be began construction in Spring of 2014 with completion the following Fall.